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XTPack UK Installation at Advanced Packaging

Advanced Packaging

One of our great strengths at XT Pack UK, is listening to our customers specific problems and finding the perfect solution for them.

Recently, Advanced Packaging contacted us as they were having issues with their existing semi-automatic baler.

It wasn’t proving cost-effective for them to have a member of staff manning the machine 24/7 (which was needed with the type of machine they had), and they also found the throughput slower than they would have liked. We negotiated a deal whereby we removed their existing baler in part exchange for an XT Pack Fully Automatic 60 Ton Baler. The benefit of this switch was two-fold. Firstly, as a fully automatic baler it doesn’t require human in put so the staff member was free to focus on another job within the company.

Secondly, the throughput of this model is far greater than its predecessor, not only meeting their currents needs but also enabling their company to grow at a faster pace for years to come.

We’re pleased to have helped Advanced Packaging and look forward to seeing their business go from strength to strength in the near future.


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